Quitting tends to be negatively associated with failure. It’s easy to think that we have failed somehow if we decide to quit. That’s not necessarily true, though. When done purposefully, quitting frees us up to have the time and space for the things that light us up. This week, episode 167 of the Positively Living Podcast is about deliberately quitting something (or someone) when it no longer serves us! 

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, Paula Lesso and I are sharing about how to free yourself from things that are holding you back and how sometimes that might look like quitting. We also discuss how to look into your heart, head, and health to determine if it’s time for you to quit something. 

Paula Lesso was “comfortable” in her marriage for years, and all that changed in a blink of an eye!  She took her situation, embarked on a personal journey to find new comfort, and started living her best life.  She now encourages women to do the same in their marriage; whether it is a Go/No Go scenario, if they’re in the throes of a divorce or post-divorce. Her purpose is to help women find happiness.

Paula Lesso and I discuss:

  • Reframing the concept of quitting.
  • Ways we keep from quitting when it’s necessary.
  • Signs that tell us it’s time to let go.
  • Paula’s 3H perspective on taking steps toward quitting.
  • How quitting applies to projects and people.
  • Accepting the choice to quit once we’ve made that decision.

The key is neither to quit nor not quit. Instead, you need to understand what’s best for you and honor that in your actions. If you need to, feel free to think of quitting as a form of decluttering because, even though I didn’t mention it in our conversation, you know I was thinking it! 

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