About Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa and I lived for years with clutter and chaos in my home from caring for a sick parent (my Mom had Alzheimer’s) while managing a household with husband, kids and cats…all while attempting to run multiple businesses. Looking back, I realize how organized I had to be to handle it all as well as I did, but it wasn’t pretty. I survived by ignoring non-essentials and allowing them to pile up around me. (I later realized I had sacrificed some essentials too.) When my time caring for my mother came to an end, I looked around and was shocked at the fall out. I was ashamed and weary and I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I didn’t want my family to live like that anymore.  So I set out to change it. And me.

I finally began to care for myself far more than I had for years, exploring holistic remedies and reteaching myself the powerful impact of rest and balance. I read tons of books and listened to thought leaders and expert organizers who inspired me to clear our space and follow my calling. Once I organized where my family lived, I saw how much it changed *how* we lived. I witnessed firsthand how much organizing and minimizing can heal. And I knew I had to help others experience that.

I began by serving others as a professional organizer and Positively Productive Systems was born. As I worked with clients in their spaces I noticed how deeply rooted clutter is and how it’s a symptom of something greater. I quickly added Productivity Coach to my title and then became a Certified Life Coach who organizes lives holistically. I found it to be the perfect fit for me because I have one of those backgrounds that serves my clients in a multitude of ways. I have years of experience with extreme stress, the guilt of motherhood, self-care struggles, corporate world angst, direct sales, marital mindfulness, diet & exercise challenges, entrepreneurial endeavors, personal development, holistic living, and so much more.

I’ve been a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals since I began Positively Productive Systems LLC and acquired my Life Coach Certification in 2017 as well as my Time Management and Meditation Instructor Certifications in 2018. I am working next on my Stress Management Coaching Certification. This type of support and education allows me to serve my client’s life holistically, from mindset to minimizing.

I absolutely adore helping others strive toward their goals and dreams by clearing away what’s no longer needed and finding the right focus. My approach is holistic and realistic, always mindful of the underlying reasons for overwhelm. Coaching is customized to person and purpose. I take my role as a helper and healer seriously, but believe laughter and a positive attitude are imperative.

I believe it’s not just about being productive. It’s about how a positive, grateful mindset will lead you there. That’s why I named my company Positively Productive and was given the nickname “Positively Lisa”. (Many thanks to Twitter for starting that trend — turns out Positively Productive was too long for a tweeting handle??!)

Now that you know more about me, are you ready to share your story? Do you want to find clarity and confidence and figure out what’s next and how to get there? Are you curious about how coaching can help you? I invite you to contact me to schedule a positively powerful courtesy coaching experience. Coffee is optional and also my treat if we meet in person.

Schedule your coffee chat online here or check out the connection page for other ways to reach me. I look forward to learning more about you!

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