Do Less, Live More, Breathe Easier

Despite what the hustle + grind people say, there’s no need to give up what you love to be productive.

As a matter of fact, doing what you love is critical to becoming your best, most productive self and I will show you how


Start HERE with a Strategy Session!


In this 90-minute immersive session, you create a foundation for your habits and systems, boost the effectiveness of other coaching programs (e.g., business, career) and gain the clarity you need to determine your best steps forward. Ideal when you need to rebuild or reset systems. Great for the DIYer looking for expertise and guidance and effective as an add-on to accountability coaching.


After Strategy, you can purchase additional strategy sessions (buy a bundle and save), opt for twice-monthly accountability sessions, or book a quick productivity boost session. Choose the support you need, when you need it!

Accountability is essential for progress. Regular check-ins help you stay on track and course correct as needed. Each session we review your progress, innovate best practices, and choose next steps. Includes detailed notes and action items to keep you moving forward.

Speed-round strategy for a needed boost, this session is highly effective for shifting a habit, quickly reviewing your weekly schedule, discussing productivity related tech and systems, and moving past decision hurdles for prioritizing. It’s a fantastic way to try out coaching if you’re new to it and you’ll walk away encouraged and inspired to take action!

If you plan on quarterly strategy sessions or want a set to share with your team, a multi-session bundle is convenient and cost-effective!

It was an absolute pleasure to be coached by you! You are so gifted at what you do and it’s impressive how quickly you can pinpoint possible solutions to tough issues.

As an entrepreneur, going through cycles where I feel a lack of motivation and productivity has been something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I am so excited to implement all of the actionable and creative strategies you gave me to help prevent these cycles and get out of them. I feel so energized! Thank you!

Stacey Kessler - Small Business Strategist

Listen to Episode 73 of the Positively Living Podcast “[Strategy Call] Regain Momentum and Stay Productive to hear what coaching with Lisa sounds like!

How does coaching work?

While many productivity coaches focus on productive techniques, Positively Productive coaching goes a step further, focusing on a simplicity-self-systems framework. We approach your life and work holistically because that is key to creating lasting and effective change. Our goal is to create harmony within all the parts of your life and you.

Our time together will focus on YOU first. 

Do Less, Live More… Breathe Easier

Lisa Zawrotny, Productivity Strategist, headshot

I’ll help you do less and live more by tapping into the personal side of productivity, increasing self-awareness, creating accountability, and providing you with much-deserved self-care.  All sessions focus on helping you find an approach that reflects your personality and values and helps you fill your life with more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

My specialty is helping you find harmony in all aspects of juggling business and family, especially as a multi-passionate. Your coaching will include a combination of time management, stress management, and life coaching with a bit of professional organizing blended in to ensure your inner and outer worlds reflect and support your goals.

Am I the right coach for you?

Do you want ONE COACH that can cover many aspects of your life and business? While it’s important to hire specialists (and I am techincally one for productivity) it’s also important to approach your life and business as parts of a whole. It’s all connected and I believe they need to be coached together.

Are you READY TO CHANGE and to dive deep and make sometimes challenging, but definitely rewarding, choices?

Are you searching for FLEXIBILITY and GRACE while navigating change?  No bootcamps here because life is hard enough. I’m a coach who is nurturing but firm.

Do you want to LAUGH and HAVE FUN while working together? I mean, what’s the point if you don’t? Also, it’s one of the best ways to counter the stress and encourage you, so I consider it a must!

How will we meet?

We meet using Zoom video conferencing, so that means no matter where you are in the world, we can work together. (I offer a variety of times for those who work days and for those across the globe. I also offer the option of phone calls as needed.) For ongoing coaching packages, you also have access to me for questions in-between sessions through Google Chat or Voxer.

Listen to Episode 73 of the Positively Living Podcast on regaining momentum and staying productive with Stacy Kessler to hear a coaching session live.

Are you looking for DIY options?

Choose the Resources Vault with Worksheets, Workbooks, and Training. This vault includes the worksheets I use with my clients (like the Joy List, Focus File, Core Values, Tackle Your To-do List, etc.) plus bonus workbooks, recordings, and mini-trainings. This one-stop-shop collection is a bundle you won’t find anywhere else and once you’ve purchased it, you’ll have access to updates and additions for the lifetime of the vault!