“The key is to work out the few things that are really important, and the few methods that will give us what we really want.”

– Richard Koch

Why Coaching

You’re here because you’ve tried the DIY courses to manage your time and organize your space and the problems keep coming back. You are juggling so many things and wearing so many hats.

You need to figure out what systems are best for you instead of constantly guessing and adding more clutter to your life with the very things that are supposed to help. You’ve had enough of feeling overwhelmed and you want help.

I’m here to help you declutter your mental and physical spaces and develop “just right” systems based on your values and personality so you can stop trying to organize your life and start living it instead.

Positively Lisa is amazing! She ‘fell’ into my life at exactly the right moment; the moment when I was thinking of starting my own business and feeling like a tornado was whirling me from one idea to the next. Lisa calmed my storm and got me focused enough to get a good grip on the ground. I look forward to every session and am always thrilled with the ideas that Lisa helps me come up with. She has a way of asking questions that get right to the essence of the problem at hand, and together we come up with a plan of attack. Since working with Lisa, I have steadily accomplished goals towards opening my business and look forward to much more collaboration in the future. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa!!! And yes, that’s 3 exclamation points! (private joke…lol).

Sarah M.

It’s time to work together if…

 You want ONE COACH to work on all aspects of your life (physical and mental spaces).

 You are READY TO CHANGE and to dive deep and make sometimes challenging, but definitely rewarding, choices.

 You appreciate FLEXIBILITY AND GRACE as you navigate change and who will be nurturing but firm.

 You like to SMILE AND LAUGH while working hard because without humor, what’s the point?

How Coaching Works

The goal of coaching is to guide you to living your best life. It’s meant to support you where you’re at and give you what you need during different seasons of your life. That means the support you receive—both the amount and length of time, as well as the type—is up to you. We approach it in three phases: assessment, transformation, and accountability. We always begin with Phase 1, Assessment. Once we have that in place, we can move though the second and third phases in the order that’s best for you, repeating as necessary.


Gain clarity and direction.
Identify your best coaching combination or kick-start your own project.
Get unstuck and move forward confidently.


You’re juggling #allthethings and dropping them.
You have a list of solutions that didn’t work for you.
It’s time to overhaul what you’re doing and kick overwhelm to the curb!


You’re self-driven with a plan.
You need accountability and troubleshooting after Phase 2.
You want to stay focused and create effective long-term habits.


Initial Productivity Package – $247

This heart-opening, mind-expanding, goal-setting discovery package combines compassionate perspective and practical, actionable advice. We’ll explore your personality, values, and challenges so you can gain the clarity needed to determine your best steps forward. This package works as a stand-alone option to kick start your productivity or as the foundation for additional coaching. Includes pre-session consult, one (1) 90-minute video session, and a follow up session (video or phone).



Productivity Coaching Intensive$1,297

This fully customized, holistic coaching package fast-tracks your transformation. Through my specialized combination of life coaching and productivity consulting, we’ll declutter your mental and physical spaces and develop “just right” systems based on your values and personality. Sessions completed in approximately 4-6 weeks. Includes video coaching, shared online collaboration, and co-development of a personalized time blocking template.

**Note: A Virtual Organizing Intensive is available at an additional charge.**


Positively Living Coaching Package – $997

Mindset makeovers are the key to true transformation. In this medium-paced productivity coaching package we’ll concentrate on decluttering and discovery and incorporating mindset-moving habits on a weekly basis for three (3) months. Your choice of 1-hour video or on-location coaching sessions (where applicable).


Accountability Coaching

Accountability coaching creates necessary deadlines while troubleshooting issues, helps you adjust your strategy, lock in habits, and create long-term success. These packages are effective for those who’ve completed transformation coaching as well as the DIY person looking for ongoing support weekly or monthly.

Accountability Strategy Sessions – $197

Includes two (2) 1-hour video sessions per month.

Accountability Check-in Calls – $127

Includes four (4) weekly check-in calls.



on-site Organizing

Organizing Intensive – $997

When you need to fast-track an organizing project, this split-session on-site approach helps you quickly reset or re-purpose a space (usually one room) in 1-2 days.

Includes a pre-project consult, two (2) 4-hour hands-on organizing sessions completed in 1-2 days, and assistance with donations and shredding.

Organizing Session – $397

Customize the package you need with sessions in 4-hour increments. Single sessions can be used for smaller jobs such as pantries or closets and are especially useful for the decluttering process in any space. A minimum of two sessions are recommended for organizing small rooms. Combine multiple sessions for larger spaces or ongoing projects or opt for an organizing intensive for faster results.

One session includes a pre-project assessment/consult and one (1) 4-hour hands-on organizing session.


VIRTUAL Organizing

Virtual Organizing Intensive – $297

The perfect DIY approach to organizing with the guidance of an organizer’s mind, the Virtual Organizing Intensive is a concentrated approach to creating a decluttered, organized environment that supports your goals. This package helps you quickly reset or re-purpose a smaller space (usually one room). Includes a pre-project consult, a 90-minute session, and a post-project follow-up session.

Are you ready?

Ready to get more done, get organized, and get back on track?

Schedule a chat today and let’s find the package that’s right for you!