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Positively Living Co-working Club

Investment: $20/month

[Monthly Co-working Membership] This virtual co-working group includes resources to help you get stuff done and your questions answered without the small talk, having to be on camera, and worrying if you’re late. Twice a month you’ll jump on Zoom and feel free to work (not network) with other like-minded people doing the same. It’s the accountability you need to take action and tackle your todos! Co-working will be the same time, same day of week, every two weeks so it’s easy to schedule and plan. And in-between we’ll connect, via email, FB group, and/or a special Slack Channel. (The sessions are every other Wednesday 9:30-11:30am Eastern starting 6/26/24, just in time for the new quarter and final half of the year!)

Reduce overwhelm in 5 minutes!

In this guided audio, I walk you through a mental decluttering technique that calms your mind, improves your focus, and helps you breathe easier. Includes bonus tips and resources on processing what you declutter. No tools needed. Listen from anywhere!

    Listen to the Positively Living® Podcast!

    I hired Lisa to help with habit tracking and accountability to write the book that had been on my mind and heart. She helped me create habits that allowed me to finish the book, and now I have the tools needed to start on the next one. I would highly recommend Lisa if you are looking for a personalized approach to productivity and accountability. I couldn’t have finished writing this book without Lisa.

    Alesia G.

     Positively Productive Workbook Toolkit

    These are the guides I use with clients to help reduce overwhelm and boost productivity. This toolkit includes: the Joy List, Focus File, and Core Values plus two bonus checklists for decluttering and tackling your to-dos.

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