Do Less,

Live More…

Breathe Easier

Productivity + Organizing 

for your Life and Business

Productivity isn’t about doing more.

Working harder isn’t necessary to achieve more.

Giving up what you love to make time for other tasks and people is not the answer.

Hi, I’m Lisa. I use simplicity, self-awareness, and systems to help multi-passionate creatives boost productivity, balance business + family, and avoid burnout.

You can manage time and stress in simple and sustainable ways.

You can do less and live morewhile avoiding burnout.

You don’t have to give up all the things you love in order to be properly productive.

Even if you’ve tried everything to get organized and get things done, and it hasn’t worked, take heart! I’ll show you what you haven’t discovered yet: your way

Our time together will reduce your overwhelm, create accountability, and provide much-deserved self-care. We’ll be focusing on the most neglected, yet most important aspect of your productivity: **YOU** 


If you keep adding to your To-do list (and rarely subtracting from it) then it’s time for a review and reset.

This four-step framework will help you get a handle on your ToDos and help you create the right list for you

Does this sound like you?

⇒ You love to create, to start new projects and try #allthethings.

You’re creative, multi-passionate, and filled with ideas. You’re great at starting things (finishing them is a different discussion).   #multipotentialite #multipodlife #creative

⇒ You’ve got a LOT on your plate.

It’s not just that you love to say yes, you’re responsible for more than just you. Business and family vie for your attention. You’ve been productive, but you’re struggling to keep up. #momlife #familybusiness #slashcareer

⇒ You’re a lifelong learner and researcher.

You’ve got a drawer of incomplete planners and a list of books and courses to download at any moment. #planneraddict #learningjunkie

⇒ You’re a resilient action taker willing to try things.

Even when you’re behind, you keep trying. #actiontaker #growthmindset #resilient

⇒ You want to be productive, but you’re frequently overwhelmed.

If only you could be a little more Type A…or live alone. #nottypeaenough #boundaries #procrastinationpro

If you nodded as you read that, it’s time to chat. Let’s stop the creation-burnout cycle and find harmony in all you are and do.

From her soothing voice that asks thoughtful and expansive questions to the way she thoughtfully pursues her mission to bring more ease into our lives, Lisa’s podcast is a breath of fresh air. Her episodes are always leading you in the same direction: home to yourself. The place where you find inspiration, alighment, ease, and joy. Great podcast!

Katrina M.

Life Coach

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Your overwhelm is NOT for lack of trying.

You research solutions in your sleep. But instead of streamlining your life, those “solutions” end up making you even more overwhelmed.

Ready to stop wasting time guessing what will work best for YOU?

Then I encourage you to schedule a coffee chat. 

“Lisa has such a gift for helping people maximize their productivity! Despite having clarity and strategies, I’d hit a wall in business growth due to old organization and time management patterns that were eating my productivity. I’d tried the stock productivity advice in books and online but they never quite fit right and I never followed through. I’ve always appreciated Lisa as a fellow coach, so I reached out to her and as we talked I knew she was exactly who I needed. Her productivity package was amazing helping me gain clarity around the key areas causing my resistance, create a customized plan to work for the way I work, and stay accountable to taking action. I felt understood and supported the whole time Lisa worked with me to unravel and bring order to my mess, which made the process less overwhelming and returned my confidence in my ability to move forward effectively. If you are feeling surrounded by clutter – physically, mentally, or both, get on a call with this woman now. You will be so glad you did!”
Valerie F.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”

– Franz Kafka

Productivity Plan Session $497


When you’re overwhelmed by your “to dos”, not getting to your “want to dos”, and not sure what to do next, this is where you start.

We’ll explore your personality, values, and challenges in order to create a plan with purpose and jumpstart your productivity!

Positively Living Membership Community $27/month ($270/year)

The Positively Living Membership Community offers you a dedicated space where you can take action, offer and receive group support, stay accountable, and explore your best productivity approaches. As a member you’ll receive community support, access to exclusive content (guest Q&As, mini training) and accountability to take action through guided virtual co-working sessions

Personalized Productivity VIP Day  $1297

Are you ready to start fresh with a productivity approach just for YOU? In this half-day intensive we’ll sort through it all and come out with more than just a plan, you’ll have a personalized process including an optimized Calendar Design and Time Management Process  and a customized Weekly Task Template and Master Task List.

Accountability Package $427/month

Connect, update, strategize, and take action! Twice-a-month check-ins give you time to get things done while encouraging you to stay accountable and helping you stay on track. Includes a quarterly strategy session for goal setting and design.

Virtual Organizing Package $397

Virtual Organizing is an effective way to get help when you need it while saving time and money doing the work you are able on your own.

This package includes three (3) 45-minute virtual sessions and a follow up. 


Virtual organizing is the right choice for you are familiar with technology (sending/receiving photos, meeting via video chat) and are able to lift and move the items you want to organize.