Clear your clutter…discover your life!

Productive living through simplicity and personalized systems

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”

– Franz Kafka

Declutter & De-Stress with the SIMPLE(tm) System

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Trying to do #allthethings?

Are you wearing all the hats and juggling so many roles and
to-dos? Are you thinking there must be a better way?

Good news! You’re right. And I’m so glad you’re here.

I understand your frustration. I’ve been there and I know it’s not for lack of trying. You’ve tried the DIY courses to manage your time and organize your space but the problems keep coming back.

 You make the lists and schedule your events.

 You sign up for meditation and try to practice gratitude.

 You have apps for everything.

 You watch how-to videos and read inspirational books.

 You’ve purchased bins and searched Pinterest and want to minimize.

But it’s not working for you.

Instead of streamlining your life, you feel even more overwhelmed.

You lose track of the free courses as they get buried in your daily email and you shove yet another partially used planner in a drawer with the others. You get so tired of the stuff in your home that you run through the place with a trash bag yelling “I’ve had it!” and ruthlessly remove as much as you possibly can. You painstakingly put things away only to have it messed up again in what feels like minutes.

Why can’t you just get organized and stay organized?  
What are you missing?

You’re tired of constantly guessing what will work!

It’s time to move beyond overwhelm and on with life.


Gain clarity and direction.
Plan further coaching or kick-start your own project.
Get unstuck and move forward confidently.


You’re juggling #allthethings and dropping them.
You have a list of solutions that didn’t work for you.
It’s time to overhaul what you’re doing and kick overwhelm to the curb!


You’re self-driven with a plan.
You need accountability and troubleshooting after Phase 2.
You want to stay focused and create effective long-term habits.
Hi, I’m Lisa and I help overwhelmed chronic multi-taskers who juggle so many roles declutter their mental and physical spaces and develop “just right” systems based on their values and personalities so they can stop trying to organize their lives and start living them instead.

Say goodbye to #allthethings that weigh on you… the piles of paper and so_much_stuff everywhere you look, the panic of forgotten to-dos, the overwhelm of obligations. Stop letting your life run you.

It’s time to simplify your way to the life you want to live.
“Lisa has such a gift for helping people maximize their productivity! Despite having clarity and strategies, I’d hit a wall in business growth due to old organization and time management patterns that were eating my productivity. I’d tried the stock productivity advice in books and online but they never quite fit right and I never followed through. I’ve always appreciated Lisa as a fellow coach, so I reached out to her and as we talked I knew she was exactly who I needed. Her productivity package was amazing helping me gain clarity around the key areas causing my resistance, create a customized plan to work for the way I work, and stay accountable to taking action. I felt understood and supported the whole time Lisa worked with me to unravel and bring order to my mess, which made the process less overwhelming and returned my confidence in my ability to move forward effectively. If you are feeling surrounded by clutter – physically, mentally, or both, get on a call with this woman now. You will be so glad you did!” Valerie F.

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