I'm Overwhelmed! What do I do? Where "should" I start?

You might be surprised. Did you know you’re holding on to things that not only don’t serve you, they make things harder on you? The good news is, you can remove them without boxes or donations or yard sales. Click below for the 7 things that rob you daily of your happiness and productivity. By decluttering these things first, overwhelm won’t feel welcome and you’ll be ready to tackle what’s next!

Productivity Coaching

Certified Lifecoach

Holistic coaching that focuses on aligning values and goals and designing customized productivity approaches.

Professional Organizing

Residential & Business

Experienced professional organizer and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Workshops & Speaking

Keynotes, VIP Intensives

Offering customized workshops and intensives on productivity and organizing.

Every time I meet with Lisa, I feel smarter. Somehow the “complicated, hot messes” I am seeing in my mind get organized and manageable as she walks me through my priorities and goals.

– Linda Bonordon

I’ve been struggling with various spaces for years. Lisa has helped me accomplish so much in just a few sessions. It’s a very worthy investment in so many ways.

– Susan Shier

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