If you use OVERWHELMED to describe yourself, read on…


Things I’ve learned about about an overwhelmed life:

 >> Life gets off course and clutter takes over…fast.

  >> Overwhelm is a sign you need to declutter. It comes from having too much to do as well as not knowing what to do next.

  >> There is no shame in the overwhelm game. It happens to us all and when you ask for help, solutions come easier.

  As your Life Coach specializing in productivity and organizing, I’m here to fast-track your progress. I’ll help you get back on course, guide you to new possibilities, and show you what works best for you.

Removing clutter reduces overwhelm. This surprising list includes the top 7 things you must declutter first!

Want to replace “overwhelmed” with “organized”?


The first step is to declutter your life.


  Clutter is prevalent throughout our lives and goes well beyond our physical space.

It crowds the head and the heart. It comes from the noise of the world.

  It’s time to release what doesn’t serve you to make space for what truly matters.


 I began my business as a Professional Organizer and a proud member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. I subsequently became a Productivity Coach and acquired my Lifecoach Certification in February 2017.

This combination allows me to serve you holistically, addressing each aspect of your life as well as how they all work together. I can easily switch gears as needed: mindset and mindfulness one day; a messy office the next; scheduling and systems another.


 Your sessions and solutions will reflect your values and goals and be unique to you.

 My approach is holistic and realistic, always mindful of the big picture and what steps are best for you.

 Let’s work together to clear away what’s no longer needed. Let’s find your focus.


 It’s not about doing #allthethings it’s about doing the right things at the right time for you.


  I believe in being part of the solution not the problem, so I refuse to add to your overwhelm. My promise to you: grace and patience, flexibility and focus, and an unwavering loyalty as you discover your best life and best self. Oh yeah, and laughter! Lots of that because…positivity. 😉

 Are you ready to become positively productive with me? It all starts with a chat…


Certified Life Coach

Specializing in Organizing & Productivity

Holistic coaching that focuses on aligning values and goals and designing customized productivity approaches.

Productivity Coach

Personal & Business

Productivity coaching ideal for multi-tasking moms and entreprenuers searching for elusive “life balance”.


Workshops & Interviews

Offering customized workshops and intensives. Available for podcast and video interviews.

Every time I meet with Lisa, I feel smarter. Somehow the “complicated, hot messes” I am seeing in my mind get organized and manageable as she walks me through my priorities and goals.

– Linda Bonordon

Lisa offers a guidance into making your dreams realities. She listens and guides you in offering you support and advice to living your life in the way you always imagined. She offers a variety of ways to produce the effects you wish to achieve in an organized and systematic way. Lisa is an effective life coach who will assist you in living your fullest life.

– Mary Brennan

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