Morning routines, although effective for some, are not for everyone. And that’s ok! At its core, a morning routine is just that, a routine. It’s a specific window of time in which you’re aiming to complete a habit or set of habits requiring energy and focus. When you break it down, you can easily see how this concept can be taken and applied differently, yet, just as effectively at your preferred time of day. This week, episode 214 of the Positively Living Podcast is about why your morning routine results in frustration not focus!

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, I’m sharing why morning routines are constantly recommended, even if they don’t work for everyone, and what you can do if that includes you. I offer you actionable steps to take right now to design a routine that works for you. 

I also cover the following topics:

  • Why you might struggle with a morning routine, even if others find it beneficial. 
  • The most important part of a routine: the habits themselves (not the specific time of day they happen). 
  • Using your chronotype and individual needs to create a flexible rhythm that aligns with your natural energy levels.
  • Examples of some of the mini-routines I do throughout the day and depending on the season I’m in. 

Ultimately, the goal here is to create a lifestyle that supports your well-being and productivity, not to force yourself into a pattern that doesn’t fit you. Remember, the best routine is the one that works for YOU.

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