I see the frustration from so many people when it comes to the idea of practicing gratitude. They feel like it’s one more thing to add to their todo list. But what if I told you that you’re already doing it and it’s a matter of discovering your practice instead of adding it? This week, in episode 132 of the Positively Living Podcast, I’m sharing four ways you are already practicing gratitude!

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, I’m sharing why a gratitude practice matters and how easy it is to grow one with what you’re already doing. 

  • The 4A framework I created that will help you explore gratitude when you’re beginning (or starting again).
  • The 4 ways you’re already practicing gratitude (and may not realize it!) 
  • How you can lean into what you’re doing to make your practice stronger and continue to grow in gratitude.

So many of us believe that a gratitude practice has to look a certain way, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I hope you’re encouraged to see how simple it is, how it can be whatever you make it, and how you’re likely already practicing it. 

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