Do you notice how your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day? The energy lulls and dips that you feel like you’re pushing through? While this certainly could relate to your sleep schedule or even be a sign of burnout, there is also a natural cycle in our bodies that causes these variations. This cycle is called the ultradian rhythm and, like most things, the more we understand it, the better we can use it to our advantage. This week, episode 215 of the Positively Living Podcast is about why you need to know your internal productivity rhythm! 

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, I’m talking about our body’s internal productivity timer, the ultradian rhythm, that impacts our energy, focus, and mood throughout the day and I offer you actionable steps to take right now to use your ultradian rhythm to improve your focus, get more done, and avoid burnout!

I cover the following topics:

  • A scientific breakdown of how our ultradian rhythm creates distinct peaks and valleys in energy and focus throughout the day. 
  • How to use this rhythm to your productive advantage by honoring your energy dips with scheduled breaks and maximizing peaks with task prioritization. 
  • An example of what a day might look like leaning into the natural ebb and flow of your energy, moving in and out of flow state–the most productive state there is.

There is a natural ebb and flow to our lives and our bodies and the more we lean into that, the better it is for our wellbeing and productivity. 

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