Being ethical is defined as conforming to a standard of what’s right and good. While there are definitely certain practices that obviously fit that, there are also many grey areas that we may not agree with, but are not technically unethical practices either. In my conversation today with guest Sarah Heeter,  our conversation of what it means to be an ethical coach naturally transitioned into being ethically aligned with colleagues, collaborators, and coaches. This week, episode 212 of the Positively Living Podcast is about why you need to align ethically with your coach!

Sarah K. Heeter is the founder & CEO of Podfox Media, a podcast production & strategic consultation company, & the co-host of the podcast Big Brave Business. She is a voice for business ethics, camaraderie and connection, and revolutionary leadership in entrepreneurship. 

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, Sarah Heeter and I discuss the importance of defining your personal ethics and core values so that you can align yourself with others who have similar beliefs, both personally and professionally.

Sarah and I cover the following topics:

  • Ethical alignment and safety between coaches and mentors as a foundation for an effective partnership. 
  • How even though personal core values will naturally influence the values of your business, the focus should be on serving clients’ needs over any personal agenda. 
  • Healing and emotional safety as prerequisites for growth and something coaches need to consider before pushing their clients’ boundaries. 
  • Clarifying desired outcomes up front helps avoid misaligned intentions between a coach and client’s goals. 

When it comes to personal ethics and ethical mentorship, the goal is to focus on and  understand your own ethics first. This way you can find others who align with them: those who are the best fit for you.

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