We’re sitting in my in-laws’ living room this morning after a much-needed extended night’s sleep and my husband looks over and says “Is your blog post this week going to be about how entrepreneurs need to rest too?” He wasn’t even joking, which he often does. He really meant it this time because I’d honestly been burning my own candle quite a bit more than I should lately.  I looked back at him and sighed, knowingly. “Yes. Yes it is.” I acquiesced.  He reassured me that he knew I’ve been doing the very best I can lately and it’s obvious how passionate I am about what I do, but the fact is I’ve been pushing myself too much. And he’s totally right. I love talking about self-care and always coach others to embrace it, but I need to keep walking my talk! I’m admitting that I haven’t and I wanted to humbly share it with you and discuss how I’m going to get back on track and how you can do if this applies to you.



As you have probably figured, this was not the blog I was planning to write this week. This was not when I’d planned to write this blog either (I’m doing it just before publishing.) As a matter of fact, nothing about this week has gone quite how I’d planned or hoped. I’m ok with it, as I usually am, but it did get me thinking.


Let’s back up for a moment, though. I should tell you we’re having a lovely, relaxing time at my in-laws and I’m always grateful when we get to see them. They treat us like gold and we have wonderful conversations filled with tons of laughter. As importantly, my children have a chance to bond with their grandparents and experience love and wisdom from two very special people. It broadens their world perspective and their family history. And it gives us a bit of a breather…if we let it!


Ok, back to my thoughts on self-care…

Our trip here takes many hours to drive, so it’s not the easiest to undertake. Because we’re hours away, we need to find the right time to travel and pack properly. There is much to be done and even with my productive approach to packing, there is still a bit of effort involved. In anticipation of this time away, I’d made sure to begin a blog post before we left, but time ran out of time. I decided to bring my laptop and I would work on it after we arrived at Grandma and Grandpas, but once we arrived, my body called for me to rest.

I’m always coaching others to listen to your body so I took my own advice and promptly napped. Hours later I arose and we had a fresh, homemade family dinner with very little effort from me. Then we opted to go out for dessert (incredibly yummy local ice cream) and head out of town to catch some fireworks. Those were all great things, but they take time and energy. When we returned last night, we were all exhausted. And we slept in this morning and even missed church!



My hopes and plans have been shifted and shaken at every turn. Why? Well, sometimes that simply happens in life. But I happen to think part of the reason it was happening to me is because I’ve been doing too much and running myself ragged. I don’t have the energy I need to keep up this pace and I haven’t given myself a chance to catch up.

I’ve been fighting some residual chest and sinus congestion for weeks now. It’s not a huge deal outwardly. Sometimes you don’t notice it until I have a coughing fit. Every time someone mentions it, I reassure them I’m fine and go about my business. While I have gotten fairly adept at scheduling well (buffer time and break times) the fact remains that this illness needs a great deal more downtime than I was allowing. And that means that everything I try to do while my body is fighting this infection will require extra energy I cannot afford. Even easy things will be more difficult.

So essentially, despite my best of intentions to get things done, I’m actually causing a major problem by pushing ahead instead of building in proper recovery time? Yes.


So what causes this? Why can I look at you and tell you it’s absolutely necessary to take the time you need, yet I struggle to do it myself?

There are many potential reasons, but the biggest culprits are:

  • OBLIGATION – We believe we must do certain activities and don’t allow for shifting, rescheduling, or simply saying no. It’s fairly easy to be selective in general for me, but to be selective for sickness (meaning to let go of a LOT more) is much harder. It’s time to challenge myself to release much more.
  • DELEGATION – This doesn’t happen enough. It’s too easy to say “I must do this” as opposed to asking “How can it get done?” Ask. Ask. Ask. We need to be ok with others doing for us or at least with us.
  • DEDICATION – This is a personal choice for me as I am so passionate and dedicated to the work I’m doing, so I didn’t dare let any of it slide. Well meaning, yes. But the right choice for long-term? Nope.
  • DENIAL – I added this one to be totally honest. I have spent years denying when I was sick. I can’t be sick! I’m too busy to be sick. I have essential oils and I eat well and generally rest well. My stress levels are much lower. I take supplements. How can I be sick?? Well, I can. It happens. I’m human. It’s time to accept my mortal ways and allow for rest and recovery along the same levels.

So what can I do to counteract these culprits?

For starters, using this weekend with my family to rest when needed is right on point. Just because we’re visiting doesn’t mean we have to do a lot. Just “being” is ok.

Next, I need to read my own inspiration list called “Stop Saying Should” and dedicate myself to the self-care and self-protection offered within it! My mind needs to be aligned with what my body needs.

Stop Saying Should - Seven Sneaky Ways We Sabotage our Happiness and ProductivityAlso, I need to schedule a much easier week than I’d planned and I must fill in a significant amount of rest. I will also be very aware of how I nourish my body, allowing it every chance to heal. NOTE: I’ll be using my Weekly Worksheet from my “Planning to Plan” blog post to ensure I plan accordingly.

It all starts with awareness and acceptance.

I am sick. I need to rest. I need to walk my own talk and accept the care I need. I must ask for help and find peace in doing fewer things better until I’m back up and running again.

How about you? Do you have a challenge admitting when you’re sick? When you’re less-than and should shift out of overdrive? Comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you, not just for the company, but to support you as well.





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