“You can’t imagine just how much believing in negative thoughts is affecting your life…until you stop.”
Charles F. Glassman


I began my business as a traditional residential professional organizer. I’ve been a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and worked with clients on site for years. I have seen my share of clutter and love every moment of clearing it out and helping clients minimize, simplify, and start fresh. From the moment I first I began, I’ve been fascinated with, and most focused on, helping people declutter their minds and hearts, even amid a physical mess.

Inside is where it all starts.

I have no doubt the impact of what’s inside and its connection to the outside. The physical space often reflects the clutter of the mind and vice versa, which is why I work the full spectrum with clients to ensure we clear both the physical and mental sides. I love doing both, but I’ve found the mind space to be especially challenging and so important to talk about.


“Mindset” is such the buzzword, especially in the personal development realm. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. You might understand its impact and be working on your own right now…or perhaps the mention of it makes you roll your eyes a bit. Whatever your take, it’s on a repeat loop with most coaches with good reason. But what does it really mean?

Mindset is technically “the established set of attitudes held by someone”, which I appreciate because it leaves room for multiple approaches (and I like options).

Attitude is everything. Your mindset will dictate what you can accomplish.

I read that and think, even knowing what I do, “Well that seems a bit extreme!” But my experience tells me it’s not. And studies appear to suggest this as well*


*OPTIONAL TECHNICAL DETAIL: I tend to use caution when it comes to studies. I always ask who did them, who paid for them, and why they were done. But if you’d like to head down that rabbit hole, this article provides a fantastic critical review of the “growth mindset”. While I am still on board with the concept, I love that the article has a number of links and both pros and cons.


Studies aside, the anecdotal evidence has been piling up and I’ve witnessed time and time again how our mind’s focus directly correlates to what we accomplish.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  – Henry Ford


It’s extremely important that a client’s mindset is strong and positive when we work together so they get the very most out of our time and effort. It doesn’t have to start that way – I’m here to help them with that as well. But we both must be on board with that growth, i.e., the growth mindset.

There needs to be an inherent belief, or a foundational acceptance, that things can and will work out. We are here not to figure out the IF, but the HOW. I’ve tried to help many people with organizing, but the mindset portion hasn’t always been part of that. It’s been my experience that when it isn’t, the process is more difficult (and slower) and what we accomplish rarely “takes” and they often end up back where they started.

While backsliding can happen naturally, and I certainly account for that, mindset is a different kind of undoing of the work that’s been done.

When I realized how critical attitude was in organizing and productivity, I understood why coaching was a critical component of my work. As such, I obtained my Life Coach certification the beginning of 2017. It was the ideal tie in, allowing me to serve clients holistically. So yes, I’ll help you fix a messy closet, but really, we know it’s not about the closet. (It never is.) If you work with me, get ready to talk it out!


To be honest, at first I wasn’t sure about sharing this list. Other people in my industry were providing checklists and organizing “tips” and I thought perhaps I SHOULD do that also. (<== See what I did there? Yep, I wasn’t immune!) Yet here I was, compelled to go deep and start at the foundation. (Those who know me aren’t remotely shocked by this.)

I can, and still do, provide the organizing ideas and how tos, but I knew that aligning mindset was one of the greatest tips I could provide. It’s helpful for everyone, regardless of their projects or purpose.

Happiness and confidence deeply affect productivity, which is why we must “declutter” the things that work against those, such as feelings of obligation or envy or a lack of self-care. In addition to our emotional and mental wellness, physical decluttering and sorting becomes considerably easier when you have eradicated what is referred to as “stinkin thinkin”. So it’s a win-win to focus on the psyche as a foundation for organizing your life.

When we embrace those negative thoughts that inevitably enter our minds, we sabotage ourselves.

Conversely, when we move forward with a positive attitude and a “can do” spirit, we increase our energy and determination and achieve far more.

What you focus on, you fuel. Where you direct your attention matters and you end up with more of whatever has it.

Which one will you choose?

Take a look at the list and comment below with which ones resonate the most. I can admit to each one at some point, but I’m recovering well. And so can you.


In the Stop Saying Should Series, I’m focusing on a list of 7 items that sabotage our happiness and productivity. These are things like saying “should” and comparing ourselves and our lives to others, as well as skipping the self-care and assuming what others think. The full collection can be found in this free inspiration sheet, but I believe each one deserves its own spotlight, so I’m dedicating this series to that.

Through my own development and my experiences with clients, I’ve found negative self-talk to be a mindset killer. Even for those who are positive and determined, how they treat themselves and perceive things can be a silent threat that unravels all they are trying to do. That is why I wrote “Stop Saying Should” and how the list flowed freely from me. It started with that simple, but potent, phrase.

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