Self-discipline is not only a skill you can acquire, it is a skill that is necessary to open yourself up to self-care. That’s why episode 91 of The Positively Living Podcast is about how self-discipline IS self-care!

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, my guest Amanda Chils shares the importance of understanding how self-discipline, self-respect, and self-care are all connected and she shares actionable steps you can take right now to master self-discipline to take your life back into your own hands

Amanda and I cover the following topics:

  • What self-discipline is and how we can develop it through everyday practice.
  • The difference between fluffy and dirty self-care and why it is essential to do the dirty self-care.
  • Reversing the concept that being selfish is a negative trait when it is one of the most important and necessary traits for your happiness. 
  • Reevaluating how we allow people to treat us and using this newfound self-discipline to manage our relationships with others. 
  • Productivity as a discipline of its own that you can work on to find freedom in your life.

When you practice what you need to be happy and peaceful, you will get there. Trust the process.

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