By reimagining the content you already have, you can easily create more content without reinventing the wheel. That’s why episode 54 of The Positively Living Podcast is about repurposing your content to increase productivity and income! 

If you’re a business owner who shares content of any kind–whether through a blog, podcast, video channel, or social media–this episode is for you. Keeping it real, how much content do you create and do you feel like you must keep creating new content in order to be relevant and valuable?  One of my favorite sayings is “don’t reinvent the wheel”. I truly believe we need to leverage the work we’ve already done whenever we approach a task. Repurposing content is an excellent example of that. More content, less work? Sign me up. How do we do it? My guest today helps us understand the when, why and how of it all.

I’m delighted to welcome Yong Pratt to the Positively Living Podcast. Yong is a sought-after Content Creation and Repurposing Strategist AKA Content Gold Miner that has taught thousands to simplify and reimagine their content through her Top 50 Marketing podcast, Amplify Your Awesome™ and her online courses.

During our conversation Yong shares her unique approach to repurposing content and her DIG framework, a super simple way to go deeper into the work you’ve done to uncover the gold, literally and figuratively. It’s evident how you can save time and effort this way, which lights up my productivity coach’s heart. But you can also use this technique to quickly boost your income, which is amazing. And yet, there is much more to it. There are so many benefits and I’m excited for you to hear them. 

By repurposing your content, you can not only save time and effort, you can boost your income with minimal effort. 

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