Lisa has been featured in a variety of podcasts and video interviews sharing her life and coaching advice.


Mama, Build Your Empire with Mia Francis-Poulin

Scale Your Business with Melissa Morris

Straight Outta Savannah, Talkin with Tammi (Morrison)

Welcome to Wellness with Linda Lonergan

The Productive Parent Podcast by Ana Johnson Reisdorf

Too Many Hats Podcast  by Desirae Rasmussen

Working Parent Resource Podcast by Sarah Argenal

Marketing Magic Podcast by Mallory Schlabach

FamilyPreneur Podcast with Meg Brunson

Pearls from my Mom Podcast with Jessie Kahat

$1k Mom (Episode 21) with Katie Fleming

Ambitious Moms Summit by Stacie Walker

Love Yourself First Series 2017, 2018 by Stacie Walker

Self-Care for Women Summit by Ida Regina


Local workshops presented at Sarah’s House of Health

Host of the Positively Grateful Series

Co-host of the Life Shifts Community (for women navigating change)

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Lisa Zawrotny created Positively Productive Systems after a deeply overwhelming time in her life juggling multiple roles as a caregiver for her Mom (who had Alzheimer’s) as well as wife, mother (to kids & cats) and as a business owner. After being trapped in her own clutter and chaos, she took back her health and sanity through a combination of renewed self-care, personal development, and a customized combination of organizing and productivity approaches. The process was so healing for her and her family, she knew immediately she wanted to guide others in the same way. As a holistic productivity coach certified in time management and life coaching, Lisa helps multi-tasking clients replace overwhelm and stress with simplicity and success by decluttering their lives (inside & out) and designing systems and habits that honor their personalities and values.