It isn’t time we manage, but rather what we do with it. So “time management” can be better described as energy management, priority management, and self-management.  This is most critical when we’re balancing business and family. We tackle this challenge on episode 83 of The Positively Living Podcast in a strategy session with Amanda Acker, who is struggling to juggle so many demands!

In this episode of The Positively Living Podcast, I’m sharing the importance of applying energy, priority, and self management to design your schedule in a more productive way and I provide actionable steps you can take right now to rework your typical to-do list into something manageable and effective

Amanda and I cover the following topics:

  • Sketching out Amanda’s schedule to reverse engineer her workload. 
  • Prioritizing tasks based on the amount of focus needed to complete them. 
  • Being intentional and selective about who you share your time with. 
  • The importance of setting aside time for yourself to do the things that bring you joy and relaxation (and how doing that is easier than you think)
  • Reframing your to-do list into a to-choose list to better tackle your tasks. 

Amanda encourages her audience to rise above the labels of society and burst through the ceilings you’ve put on top of yourself and after today’s episode, I am confident she will have the structure needed to do more of that herself. 

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