As we’ve discussed in past episodes, burnout is all too common, and that is all the more reason to focus podcast content on healing. It’s time to explore another tool from our personalized productivity toolbox–Internal Family Systems (IFS)–an evidence-based approach to tackling burnout as well as other chronic conditions. This week, episode 182 of the Positively Living Podcast is about using Internal Family Systems as a proven treatment for burnout

Katie LaCelle is a somatic IFS practitioner who is passionate about helping people uncover their own internal wise leaders and reconnect with their deepest embodied intuition. IFS, or internal family systems, is a trauma-informed therapy modality that can help you get present, rewire your brain, and regulate your nervous system. In her spare time, Katie coaches others to and performs herself on the flying trapeze.

In this episode of the Positively Living Podcast, Katie helps us understand IFS and how this trauma-informed therapy model can help you get present, regulate your nervous system, and even rewire your brain. 

Katie and I cover the following topics:

  • The burdens we pick up along the course of our lives to make us feel safe. 
  • Understanding the parts within us and the roles they play. 
  • The 8 C’s of softening and reintegrating back to yourself.
  • Getting to the underlying problems to recover from burnout and avoid it altogether.
  • The first step to bringing more curiosity to your system.

I wish you peace and healing and will continue to find tools to help foster that for you.

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