“I realized that I wasn’t alone; there were so many people that were suffering and I wanted to do something that could help.” This quote sums up episode 46 of The Positively Living Podcast where my guest, Jake Doherty, and I are discussing the importance of pivoting in times of stress and sharing actionable steps you can take right now to make an impact on your life by helping others. 

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Get your notepad and your tissues ready for today’s episode. It is a deeply emotional and beautiful example of resilience, gratitude, creativity, collaboration, and community. You’ll hear a story that’s a direct result of COVID-19 and proof that when you help others you always get more than you give.

 Today, I welcome Jake Doherty to the Positively Living Podcast. Jake is an American living in Germany — he’s a husband, father, and business owner who has built a life in the Bavarian region for over 20 years. For 11 years he’s been the owner of a boutique tour guide service — one that served both visitors and groups like the Wounded Warriors Project. In March 2020, his tour company closed due to COVID-19. He pivoted to a new company DeriDari  www.deridari.com  an online platform in the United States where chefs sell interactive live cooking Experiences coupled with ingredient delivery.

When I heard this story, I was struck by Jake’s creativity to be sure, but even more how he was collaborating with others and helping others through this process. I am reminded of how everything we do can have a ripple effect beyond our imagination. To date, Jake has not only found a way to provide for his family, but he’s also created a way to give to other families. He’s helped 36 chefs and counting join his platform. These were chefs with no work prospects now able to put food on their tables by teaching you how to put food on yours. He’s connecting people from across the globe to learn more than cooking skills, to gain cultural knowledge and appreciation. It’s the kind of platform that can extend beyond the temporary needs of a pandemic and truly change the way we interact with food and family. You’ll hear about his devastating loss and the moment of inspiration that turned things around. He shares huge lessons learned and advice you can most certainly use in your own life. Spoiler alert: One of them is listening to your mother! That one might be my favorite.

As a complement to today’s episode, I highly recommend listening to Episodes 10 on resilience and self-care, 14 on grief, 29 on Trauma, 30 on fear, and 33 on change.  

Jake shares his wisdom and his heart fully today. I hope he inspires you as he has inspired me.

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