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Positively Lisa is amazing! She ‘fell’ into my life at exactly the right moment; the moment when I was thinking of starting my own business and feeling like a tornado was whirling me from one idea to the next. Lisa calmed my storm and got me focused enough to get a good grip on the ground. I look forward to every session and am always thrilled with the ideas that Lisa helps me come up with. She has a way of asking questions that get right to the essence of the problem at hand, and together we come up with a plan of attack. Since working with Lisa, I have steadily accomplished goals towards opening my business and look forward to much more collaboration in the future. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa!!! And yes, that’s 3 exclamation points! (private joke…lol).

- Sarah M

Big shout out to Lisa Zawrotny, HUGE actually, for helping me transform my entire home to an organizational oasis. After months and months of cajoling me to let go of useless crap, and helping me create the zones in which each function will naturally happen, the big event occurred (special visitors) and we were all prepared, relaxed, energized and HAPPY! My husband’s friends who visited walked into the front door and said, “oh, so peaceful, so calm” and then “good energy”! They could FEEL the energy, and harmony, because there was no clutter and the entire place was clean (and, by the way, smelled divine from several diffusers running). This reflected very strongly on my husband, and created an impression of him as someone they like and accept (and who knows…may do business with?). Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for all you have helped me accomplish!

- Cindy T

Every time I meet with Lisa, I feel smarter. 🙂 Somehow the “complicated, hot messes” I am seeing in my mind get organized and manageable as she walks me through my priorities and goals. I’m actually an organized person, physically, but I really benefit from letting Lisa help me to organize my mental landscape so I can make better choices about where to put my limited time and energy. Thanks, Lisa!

- Linda B

I wanted to give a quick shoutout to Lisa Zawrotny! She was able to have a meeting on the phone with me to talk “growing business”. Talk about starting the day off on a great note! She is super sweet and she helped me put together a wonderful plan in ONE call! 🙂

- Keyera P

I’ve been struggling with various spaces for years. Lisa has helped me accomplish so much in just a few sessions. It’s a very worthy investment in so many ways.

- Susan S

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