As a coach, I test many products and read many books on topics relating directly and indirectly to what I coach and share on the podcast. I believe in using tools that work best for you and finding good deals wherever possible.

NOTE: Most of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you click one and choose to buy the product, I’ll get credit for that purchase. There is absolutely NO obligation to purchase anything here and I strongly encourage you to do your own research. I am happy to share what I have tried and works for me, and what those whom I trust recommend.

Martin Seligman–known as the father of Positive Psychology–is the Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, the director of the Positive Psychology Network, and former president of the American Psychological Association. He has written a number of books on the topic. This set is a great place to start. 

Books Recommended on the Podcast

One of the questions asked on the Positively Living Podcast is for a resource that “makes my life better” and in addition to the most commonly recommended books (above) these books have been suggested.

Lisa’s Note: I have a mix of paper books, Kindle books, and Audible downloads. For my top tier favorites and most used books (see the image at the top of the page for some examples) I tend to keep the physical copies as a both a reference source and a part of my environment. (Also, studies indicate we learn better with paper reading, so I keep that for the important topics.)

As I’m also a fan of decluttering and flexibility, I still enjoy digital reading for its flexibility. My Kindle includes fun reading and things I want to scan and try (which I do through Kindle Unlimited). For Audible, I include copies of the favorite physical books so I can listen to them (to absorb information differently) while on the go. BONUS: Did you know you can listen to Podcasts (like the Positively Living Podcast) on Audible too? 

Podcast Gear

 NOTE: I originally purchased the ATR-2100 mic, the boom arm, and shock mount separately, but found a combination deal. This dynamic mic has treated me well, especially when recording in places that aren’t as quiet as I’d like! UPDATE: After over 3 years of successfully using the ATR-2100, I treated myself to the Shure MV-7 and it’s incredible! What an amazing sound, dynamic, and it is USB so it’s easy connection to the laptop.

The only other thing you’ll need to create a podcast is a platform to distribute. There are many great ones out there, but I use BUZZSPROUT and have done so successfully for over two years. I highlight recommend them. Click HERE to check them out.

Office Supplies/Accessories

Writing + Journals

Mugs, Bottles, + Accessories

Lisa’s Personal Skincare Favorites

Additional Wellness Ideas

Approaching productivity holistically means having many things in your wellness and productivity toolbox. Here are some additional items that are favorites of mine.

(Note: If it’s an affiliate link (like doTERRA or Amazon, I may benefit if you purchase but much of what I share is free or freemium.)

> Essential Oils (I use and love doTERRA. Be sure to look for quality essential oils and use proper guides. I included two of my favorite books below.)

> Workouts free on YouTube. Some of my faves: “Get Fit with Rick” “Leslie Sansone Walk at Home” “Girl with a Pilates Mat” “Hybrid Calesthenics

> Meditation apps: Head Space, Calm, Insight Timer, Chopra Meditation, ThinkUp App

> Thrivemarket: This site is an exceptional resource for my favorite health items, such as collagen.