Meditation can be difficult for some people, but it isn’t the only practice you can use to breathe easier. That’s why episode 49 of The Positively Living Podcast is about using breathwork to reduce stress and anxiety! 

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Are you someone who wants to want to do meditation but not sure it’s your thing? Or maybe you’re looking for a more natural approach to calm stress and anxiety. Either way, this episode is for you.

Today I welcome Sarah Novak to the Positively Living Podcast. Sarah Novak is a breathwork facilitator, coach, speaker, & entrepreneur. Currently she is studying to become a clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer, and NLP Practitioner. Her mission is to eradicate human suffering by bringing awareness back to the breath. Sarah teaches womxn to clear stress & anxiety using the power of the breath & rewiring the subconscious to breakthrough into ultimate self healing.

What I love about this approach is how seriously simple it is. And you know how I feel about things being simple! We already have the tools to practice this technique. We know how to breathe. Yes, I did ask her the question that was at least on my mind — is there a way to do this wrong. Spoiler alert, she said no. But it does have a small caveat, so be sure to listen for her full response to that.

We discuss what breathwork is and how it differs from other forms of breathing you might have experienced, such as in yoga. Sarah brings up so many important topics connected to breathwork and why we want to do it. One of the biggest is trauma, a topic I discussed on Episode 29 with Mallory Jackson. Mallory talks about the different ways trauma expresses itself and the modalities we can use to address and heal it, which ties is beautifully to breathwork.

We also touch upon grief and emotions, so you may want to catch episode 8 on toxic positivity and episode 14 on growing through grief.

Sarah not only shares how and why breathwork is good for us, she gives specific examples of types used for different people and walks you through a specific technique you can use anywhere, anytime during the day to calm your body and mind. Without further ado, let’s chat with Sarah.

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