Meal Planning Made Easy with Marie Fiebach

Meal planning is a popular topic for many different kinds of people and for as many different reasons. It saves money and time, something I’m pretty sure everyone wants, and it can make a huge difference in your health as well. Even better, it doesn’t take much...
Clutter Free Gift Giving with Katie Zurwaski

Clutter Free Gift Giving with Katie Zurwaski

With the holidays fast approaching, gift-giving will be on the rise, along with the challenges of clutter and debt. An alternative? Giving experiences as gifts.  The benefits go beyond reducing clutter: traditions, memories, and relationships all benefit from more...
How Simplicity Sparks Joy with Tim Lucier

How Simplicity Sparks Joy with Tim Lucier

Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is over a decade old and still a polarizing point in the organizing world. Some found her system life changing, some thought it fell flat. I can see both sides and believe there are some aspects that need clarifying....

Productivity Assessment Session $197

Overwhelmed not only by the “to dos” but the “want to dos”? A productivity boost session includes both an assessment and an initial coaching session to ensure you have your next steps in place. This one-time session  (with follow up) is a fast, effective way to jumpstart your productivity.

Positively Living Membership Community $11/month (Founding Members)

The Positively Living Membership Community offers you a simple solution that is accessible and affordable. Take action and receive accountability with community and coaching support on your terms. You’ll receive access to exclusive content including Q&As with special guests, workshops, coaching, and bonuses for founding members.

Time Management Intensive $597

Customized Weekly Template, Google Calendar Design, Time & Task Management

Do you wish you could toss your calendar and lists and start fresh with a system that actually works for YOU? In this half-day intensive you will sort through it all and come out with more than just a plan…you’ll have a process just right for you to move forward and make things happen.

Strategy Package $247

This heart-opening, mind-expanding, goal-setting package allows us to explore your personality, values, and challenges so you gain the clarity needed to determine your best steps forward. This package works as a stand-alone option or as foundation for accountability or group coaching. To be scheduled after the Productivity Assessment Session. Includes one extended strategy session and a follow up.

Accountability Sessions $197

Connect, update, strategize, and take action! You have time to get things done and video sessions twice a month help you stay accountable and stay on track. Automatic monthly package offers easy consistency.

Schedule a call to arrange this custom package.

Looking for something different? Let’s hop a connection call!

Virtual Organizing Intensive $227

Virtual Organizing is right for you if you…

•  have tried the DIY courses and books and are ready for one-on-one help.

•  are able to lift and move your own belongings (or have someone to help).

•  are familiar with technology (sending/receiving photos, meeting via video chat).

•  have personal or medical reasons why an on-site organizer is not a good option.

•  want to fast-track your progress or are working on a restricted budget.

Virtual Organizing is an effective way to get help when you need it while saving time and money doing the work you are able on your own.

If you have questions about virtual organizing, please schedule a connection call.