As a busy mom balancing family and business life is challenging enough, but when you don’t have a workspace that promotes productivity, it’s even more difficult. That’s why episode 51 of The Positively Living Podcast is about optimizing life and business through the lens of a Productivity Boost session! 

Today I welcome Roxanne Ferber to the Positively Living Podcast for a strategy call episode.  A bit different from the other episodes, you’ll have a front-row seat to a Productivity Boost session with me. Roxanne shares her challenges with working from home alongside her family. We talk about distractions and workspaces and the reality behind balancing mom and biz life, and in just 30 minutes we come up with 3 steps she can take to shift her time and space that will support focused work in a way that feels right for her head and heart.

Do you find yourself procrastinating? Feeling stuck or utterly overwhelmed? Want to make a change, but not even sure where to start? Let’s get you unstuck and moving again in just 30 minutes with a Productivity Boost Session—just like you heard on this episode! Go and use the promo code PODCAST to get support and try out coaching for $97.

Roxanne is a twin mom and the creator/owner of The Whatever Mom website and community. She’s a freelance writer for parenting magazines and influencer campaigns and, as a mom blogger, she shares the messier parts of her parenting moments, to encourage others to let go of perfection and embrace the chaos. 

I’m so grateful for all she does to create a supportive mom community and that she willingly shared a bit of her own chaos with us today. 

If you want to listen to more ideas about working from home, I recommend episodes 20 and 36. I’d love to know what you think of this session. Did it inspire you? Did you come up with ideas as you were listening?

Thank you for listening! Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips to create space for what really matters in your life.

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