Codependency has a personal and professional impact on our lives, but thankfully there are ways to work through it so you can improve relationships and explore self-love. That’s why episode 53 of The Positively Living Podcast is about codependency! 

Are you codependent? Am I? And if so, what does it mean and is it a bad thing? Oh so many questions, but thankfully today’s episode has answers.

One of my favorite movies kept popping into my head as I prepared this episode. In the Princess Bride, Inigo Montoya — played brilliantly by Mandy Patinkin — replies to Vizzig every time he utters the term “Inconceivable”. with “You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”  I feel like that’s most of our language but especially the words that are tossed about in the mindset/self-help/coaching part of our world. It is my goal to clarify these terms, figure out how they apply to us, and use that knowledge to help you live a better life. 

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Today we set the record straight on codependence with an authority on the topic, Mallory Jackson. If you’ve listened to the podcast for awhile, you might recognize the name. Mallory is joining us for the second time. Her first guest appearance was in Episode 29 Trauma Informed-Life and the response from that episode–it’s the #1 downloaded episode and had many responses and questions–inspired our conversation today. I highly recommend listening to that episode, not only to connect it to this topic, but to find out the strange and fun way she and I first met. 

Mallory is an Assistant Professor of Human Services and Chemical Dependency Counseling at SUNY Jefferson Community College. She holds Masters Degrees in Public Administration and Counseling. She specializes in trauma-informed care and education within higher education and along with teaching, she coordinates the Human Service and Chemical Dependency internship program at the college.She is married to her husband Pete, a NYS Conservation Officer. She has two sons, Logan and Daniel, and a geriatric chocolate lab named Jack.

Our extended conversation covers the personal and professional impact of codependency and runs the gamut from defining and detecting codependency in different parts of life to the steps you can take to explore and work through it if you want to change that aspect of your life. You’ll find ways to apply this to your relationships at home and in business and you’ll want to listen closely for some powerful descriptions and distinctions about codependency, boundaries and self-love. 

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