As we’ve learned from past episodes, self-care ties into almost everything we talk about on the podcast including decluttering, stress management, mental health, and mindset practices. This week, episode 146 of the Positively Living Podcast, I’m featuring 10 episodes where we’ve tackled the topic of self-care from different angles.

The episodes I cover today include:

  • Ep #5: The WHOLE Self Lifestyle with Sarah Argenal where we discuss how surface-level tactics will not truly heal us so we need to define self-care through self-awareness.
  • Ep #10: Building Resilience Through Self-care with Gillian Behnke where we cover prioritizing self-care to show up as our best selves and recover faster. 
  • Ep #16: Self-care as a Business Strategy with Stacie Walker where we encourage you to ask for help and find a community to support you. 
  • Ep #90: 4 Ways Systems Can Support Self-care with Lavista Jones where we discuss resources to streamline your systems and open up time and space for self-care. 
  • Ep #91: Self-discipline Is Self-Care with Amanda Chils where we talk about the “dirty” self-care, discipline, and boundaries. 
  • Ep #93: 5 Steps to a Consistent Self-care Plan where I share a plan of action for implementing self-care in your life. 
  • Ep #104: Easy and Effective Self-Care Practices with Daniela Wolfe where we cover an easy and effective way to include “little things” throughout our day that add up to the self-care that we need. 
  • Ep #105: Setting Boundaries for Sustainable Self-care with Justine Sones where we discuss designing self-care in the right way for us. 
  • Ep #118: 7 Ways We Sabotage Our Happiness and Productivity where I cover concepts I learned over my years of coaching that lead to understanding that self-care is mandatory. 
  • Ep #144: Using the Five Love Languages to Practice Self-care with Miriam Wexler where we apply the five love languages to our self-care, not just our romantic relationships. 

I include self-care as a topic on the podcast as inspiration for you to carve out the time to do the things that make a difference in your life, your energy, and in your spirit. 

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