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This fast and effective session will give you the boost you need in just 40 minutes. We’ll review your challenges and identify your next best steps. This session is highly effective for shifting a habit, quickly reviewing your weekly schedule, discussing productivity related tech and systems, and moving past decision hurdles for prioritizing. You’ll walk away encouraged and inspired to take action!  

Listen to Episode 73 of the Positively Living Podcast [Strategy Call] Regain Momentum and Stay Productive to hear what coaching with Lisa sounds like!

Productivity Plan Session $497


When you’re overwhelmed by your “to dos”, not getting to your “want to dos”, and not sure what to do next, this is where you start.

We’ll explore your personality, values, and challenges in order to create a plan with purpose and jumpstart your productivity!

Positively Living Membership Community $27/month ($270/year)

The Positively Living Membership Community offers you a dedicated space where you can take action, offer and receive group support, stay accountable, and explore your best productivity approaches. As a member you’ll receive community support, access to exclusive content (guest Q&As, mini training) and accountability to take action through guided virtual co-working sessions

Personalized Productivity VIP Day  $1297

Are you ready to start fresh with a productivity approach just for YOU? In this half-day intensive we’ll sort through it all and come out with more than just a plan, you’ll have a personalized process including an optimized Calendar Design and Time Management Process  and a customized Weekly Task Template and Master Task List.

Accountability Package $427/month

Connect, update, strategize, and take action! Twice-a-month check-ins give you time to get things done while encouraging you to stay accountable and helping you stay on track. Includes a quarterly strategy session for goal setting and design.

Virtual Organizing Package $397

Virtual Organizing is an effective way to get help when you need it while saving time and money doing the work you are able on your own.

This package includes three (3) 45-minute virtual sessions and a follow up. 


Virtual organizing is the right choice for you are familiar with technology (sending/receiving photos, meeting via video chat) and are able to lift and move the items you want to organize.