Work with Me

“The key is to work out the few things that are really important, and the few methods that will give us what we really want.”

– Richard Koch

Where do I start?

Whether you’re a new client or need help with strategy and planning, start with a Productivity Plan Session. This one-time session is a fast, effective way to to jumpstart your productivity.

Productivity Plan


The Productivity Boost Session is a burst of energy to a tired to-do list. Banish the “busy” and figure out what really needs doing.  This session works well for new and existing clients as it includes assesssment, strategy and planning.



The Positively Living Membership Community offers you accessible accountability and guidance to help you simplify your life, reduce your stress, increase your happiness, and develop positive habits. [Monthly/Annual]

Time Management Makeover


The Time Management Makeover is the answer when you are struggling to keep track of your to-dos and you’re ready toss your planner in the trash for all the good it’s doing you! [One-time]



Accountability Sessions are key to your progress whether you need small strategy steps as you go or your have a plan and need to stay on track. [2x/month]

Virtual Organizing 

The Virtual Organizing Package is an effective DIY approach to organizing. As an alternative to on-site sessions, we’ll use virtual sessions to help you declutter your space and create an organized environment that supports your goals. This package includes three virtual sessions and a follow up and is most effective for a smaller space (usually one room/project).

If you have questions or requests, please schedule a connection call.

“If you are feeling surrounded by clutter – physically, mentally, or both, get on a call with this woman now.

You will be so glad you did!”

Valerie F.

How will we work together?

My coaching format is all virtual using Zoom video conferencing for private and group coaching (and interaction on Facebook for groups as well). If you are a private client, you also have access to me for questions in-between sessions.

If you

…like having ONE COACH to cover different aspects of your life (my clients call me a “multi-functional” coach)… 

 …are READY TO CHANGE and to dive deep and make sometimes challenging (but definitely rewarding) choices. 

 …appreciate FLEXIBILITY AND GRACE as you navigate change (with a coach who will be nurturing but firm)…

…want to LAUGH and HAVE FUN while working hard because without that, what’s the point? 

…then let’s connect!


Positively Lisa is amazing! She ‘fell’ into my life at exactly the right moment; the moment when I was thinking of starting my own business and feeling like a tornado was whirling me from one idea to the next. Lisa calmed my storm and got me focused enough to get a good grip on the ground. I look forward to every session and am always thrilled with the ideas that Lisa helps me come up with. She has a way of asking questions that get right to the essence of the problem at hand, and together we come up with a plan of attack. Since working with Lisa, I have steadily accomplished goals towards opening my business and look forward to much more collaboration in the future. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa!!! And yes, that’s 3 exclamation points! (private joke…lol).

Sarah M.

I attended Lisa‘s Declutter and De-Stress workshop. The SIMPLE method is very insightful and very well presented in a judgement-free zone. Lisa has wealth of knowledge and a warm, friendly demeanor.

Maggie C.

Lisa has become indispensable for me! She is not only excellent at helping me be productive, she is a great organizer and she has a seemingly endless amount of tools in her toolbox. I am in the process of transitioning from one business to another as well as going to school. She has helped me manage all of these things, prioritize what needs to be done, and plan for the future.

Lisa is very intuitive and knows just what I need, often when I don’t. She is compassionate, and empathetic and she has a great sense of humor. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Lisa as my coach!

Martha G. 

I have always considered myself an “organized person”. For many years I lived on my own organizing systems. However, last year held many unexpected circumstances out of my control, and instead of living a “proactive” life, I was living very reactively. Rushing from one activity to the other, always in the car. Living from day to day very frantically. I longed for order to my days, and to live out the values and goals I held so dear. Lisa was a perfect match for me. She helped me clean out my workspace, and organize my days. She understood what was important to me, and encouraged me to “do what was right for me.” If you need any kind of coaching or organizing, Lisa is your girl. I could list “25 things Lisa taught me”, but for space reasons I won’t! She reminds you of simple things like staying hydrated and eating well for good productivity. She’s the best! I highly recommend her services!

Andrea B.

Productivity Plan Session $297


If you’re overwhelmed by your “to dos”, not getting to your “want to dos”, and not sure what to do next, this is where you start.

We’ll explore your personality, values, and challenges in order to create a plan with purpose and jumpstart your productivity!

Positively Living Membership Community $17/month ($170/year)

The Positively Living Membership Community is the place where you can take action, offer and receive group support, stay accountable, and experience true productivity. As a member of the community, you’ll have access to exclusive content including live Q&As with special (podcast) guests, workshops, and guided virtual co-working sessions

Time Management Makeover $597

During this 3-hour intensive session we’ll strategize your Google Calendar Design* and Time Management Process, plus you’ll receive a customized Weekly Task Template and Master Task List.

*This makeover is best  for Google users, though the principles can be applied to any cloud-based calendars.

Accountability Sessions $327

Connect, update, strategize, and take action! Twice-a-month check-ins give you time to get things done while encouraging you to stay accountable and helping you stay on track

Virtual Organizing Package $397

Virtual Organizing is an effective way to get help when you need it while saving time and money doing the work you are able on your own.

This package includes three (3) 45-minute virtual sessions and a follow up. 


Virtual organizing is the right choice for you are familiar with technology (sending/receiving photos, meeting via video chat) and are able to lift and move the items you want to organize.